Wednesday, 14 August 2013

PUTTY command line ssh login with plink

First we need Putty in Linux ?

     Download the PUTTY source code file from :


After that we need build that package. we need gcc and gcc-devel packages, if you want gui we need gtk-2 packages

$  tar -zxvf putty-0.63.tar.gz
$  cd putty-0.63

$  ./configure --prefix=/apps/putty  # your installation location


$ ./configure               #if you don't want seperatly remove --prefix

$ make
$ make install

$ cd /app/putty/bin
$ ./plink -ssh  -l somexyz
$  # login into
$ exit

for enabling X11 in plink as :

$./plink -ssh -X -l somexyz

for command line passing password as :

$  ./plink -ssh -X -l somexyz -pw xyzabc

for running remote system commands as :

$  ./plink -ssh -X -l somexyz -pw xyzabc  "uname  -a"

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