Thursday 19 June 2014

PhoneGap after Importing Android Projects to Eclipse Errors

If you got Different error after importing phonegap created projects into Eclipse as existing android project.

Note : While Importing do not set copy Project to Workspace, use same location where phonegap created project.

To solve all other errors do below steps.
a) import project from Android folder it will import both "hello world" and "hello world-cordovaLib"
b) clean both projects Project->Clean All (select two projects and unselect Automatic Build)->Clean
c ) remove the reference to "hello world-cordovaLib" from "hello world"
Rightclick on Hello World->Project->Android->is Library->Remove Reference of hello world-cordovaLib
d) build the "hello-cordovaLib"
e) restore the reference to "hello world-cordovaLib" from "hello world"
Rightclick->Project->Android->is Library->Add Reference of hello world-cordovaLib
f) clean "hello world" and run

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